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New and used Hi-Fi for music lovers
If listening to music is an important part of your life, you can enjoy world-class stereo without going broke.
QUAD Elite hi-fi components and quad 11 speakers

Whether you're just looking for an amp or a complete home theatre or home stereo system, you can save big $$$ at QSandD. We sell new stereo speakers and electronics, discontinued models, distributor  overstocks, trade-show demos, and gently used trade-ins.

You can choose from some of the most respected names in the stereo hi-fi industry, like QUAD, Wharfedale, Roksan, and Leema Acoustics. And you can buy with confidence, since all new speakers and components come with a full manufacturer's warranty, and all used hi-fi gear comes with a limited QSandD warranty.

Our inventory changes daily but generally includes a varied selection of superb sounding, finely-crafted European loudspeakers, amps, pre-amps, CD-players, and a full line of premium audio accessories.


Be sure to check out our "Hi-Fi For Sale" pages, or call Randy or Mike to find out what is available at 843-349-0143 .

Get that "new" sound back again! Let us repair or rebuild your tired QUAD ESL-57's, ESL-63's, ESL-988's or ESL-989's to their original factory specs.

We can also service ESL-2805's or ESL 2905's and any QUAD Hi-Fi component. We don't do mods, because we really think QUAD knew what they were doing when they designed their equipment. But we can update circuitry and replace panels with QUAD parts if they need it.

We are also a factory authorized service center for many other fine brands as well, and can repair almost any piece of hif-fi gear or speaker with genuine factory drivers and electrical components. Call us at 843-349-0143 to find out how we can help! (more)

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Not sure what you need? Let us help you choose the "perfect" home stereo or home theatre system for your musical tastes and budget. Or if you're just looking for a more musically accurate CD player... have we got a deal for you! Get the thrill back. Remember how much you used to enjoy listening to great music? Remember the first time you heard a really great stereo system and wondered where they hid the musicians?
deal on stereos  All kidding aside, Randy and Mike have nearly 6 decades of hi-end stereo industry experience between them. They know which products are sonically accurate and a good value in terms of reliability and durability. Pick their brains. They love it!
child listening to music on headphones  If you're tired of bass on steroids or strings that sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, get back to basics with stereo equipment that has stood the test of time. Or try new hi-fi gear that is right on the cutting edge of the digital music world.

Call Mike or Randy today at 843-349-0143, and find what you never even knew you were looking for!
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New and Used

Hi-Fi For Sale



quad II tube amp   
Choose from an ever-changing selection of tube and solid state components. New or used. You can also consign your old gear.  


quad ESL 2905 
Get great deals on new or used QUAD ESL's or traditional voice coil speakers in stunning furniture grade cabinets. 


QUAD electrostatic speaker panel 
Single QUAD panel to a complete rebuild. We also have factory original drivers and electrical components for other brands. 
Get the best deals on QUAD repairs and sales at QSandD.
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